Did Jesus ever smile? And some other thoughts on faith.

This isn’t a reading from scripture per se, but this interview of Stephen Colbert with Father Tom Roscia does touch on scripture and faith. As a Catholic, it resonates with me in many ways, but it can resonate with other Christians as well.

Colbert is a Catholic and a man of deep faith. He is also a man of deep intellect as I think you will recognize in the interview. The two can co-exist as he explains in this video. I bring you this video as an exercise in expressing scripture. Of course, this interview is much more than that. Please watch and both enjoy and consider his thoughts.

For any reader who is not from the United States, Colbert is a comedian and performer who became famous for creating the character of what he describes as a foolish pundit on the highly popular “Colbert Report” on the American cable Comedy Channel. The program lasted for nine years, until he was appointed to replace Dave Letterman to host The Late Show on the American broadcast network, CBS, which just recently began airing.




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