A Thanksgiving Prayer

A little departure from the usual: A Thanksgiving prayer for all who travel this holiday.

Oh Holy Father in Heaven,
merciful and compassionate God of all humanity,
we pray for your protection of all who travel this
Thanksgiving holiday, that they may arrive safely at
their destinations and return home safely again.

We ask your blessings on them and their families and friends
as they gather in thankful repast. Please give them a
warm and wonderful holiday as they remember all they have
to be grateful for.

Please, loving Father, keep their delays and inconveniences in
travel at a minimum. Please also remove all dangers. And please,
Father, give them the skills and the patience to overcome obstacles
and the grace to overcome disappointments. Most of all, Father,
please give them the kindness to serve others as they would have
themselves served to ease the burdens of travel or disagreements or
serving the holiday meal.

Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for this holiday and its break from our
labors that we may give you thanks and reflect on our many blessings,
which come from your love and generosity. And for those who suffer
from lack or need or illness, please Lord, bring relief.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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